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IN THE USA Robert Spangler
Phone: 610-486-6218
Earl Wismer
Phone: 610-7460244
Jack D. Stoner
Phone: 317-539-6498

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Mike Defazio
Phone: 610-444-0130
Tom Eno
Phone: 610-386-3380

Dale Denisar

Phone: 302-983-6827

Dr. Douglas Lavenburg
Phone: 302-5073366
Richard Shoemaker
Phone: 610-7994440
Dick Wolfel
Phone: 610-8376453

IN EUROPE Peter Hauser
Phone: +36 309-926686
Ladislav Fekete
Phone: 00421-903-757593
Laszlo Hauser  
Phone  +36 20 351 65 62

The professionalism of the crew mirrors yours, outstanding!


I just got back from my first plains hunt at Jakkalskuil Safaris, west of Petrusville and the memories are priceless. The professionalism of the crew mirrors yours, outstanding! At 66, the plane ride was an endurance run but my jet lag seems to be worse coming back east. For a couple weeks before the trip, I hit the bed earlier and earlier until I had about two hours time difference on my body clock. I was good to go in a day. Ironically, after a week of being home, I am still up between 3 and 4. Go figure. Like you, but in another way, I lost the last few days of photos and videos. Somehow the files got corrupted. It was the only downer of the trip. Thanks again for your report. It got my juices going again and I am planning on going back next year, of course.


I would really be pushed hard to hunt elsewhere!


Just back from South Africa doing a Management Hunt for 25 animals.
After having hassle with both BMI at Heathrow and Group 4 guys in Johannesberg looking for a backhander I flew on to Bloemfontein to be picked up by the P.H. Kobus DeVilliers of Jakkalskuil Safaris and a 3 hour drive to his farm. After zeroing both my Blaser .243 for Springbok and my .300 Win Mag for all of the big stuff, we went out after Black Wildebeest for which I had 5 on my list. I kept a diary of time, animal, shots and yardage.
I have hunted with Kobus for 6 years and really would be hard pushed to go elsewhere, the terain is flat so long shots are required all the time and this adds to the excitement.
I have posted 2 photos of the hunt, hope you enjoy.

Davie H

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