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 News Letter  January 2024

I the Karoo semi-desert, rain is not everything, it is the only thing. When any two people living in the Karoo meet each other, the first part of their conversation is always about the weather and specially about the rain.

After having two great raining seasons, this season looks quite normal. Not to good, not too bad. The veld is dry, but still full of dry material and in a good condition, waiting for the first summer rains to turn up.

The game mated very well and almost all the adult females are pregnant.  There are a lot of Oryx and Springbuck babies in the area and cute baby Warthog’s are running all over with their moms. I often wonder how the Warthog moms educate them to lift their tails while running on such a young age ??   There are a lot of Black Wildebeest and Impala (end of November) and Blue Wildebeest, (end of December) ready to deliver.  The Kudu and Waterbuck are calving throughout the year and their figures nearly double up during the past season.

The most recent group visited during November. It was extremely hot and some days the temperatures went up to 40 degrees Celcius. We try to accommodate the extreme weather by started to hunt at daybreak, and come back to the camp to take a breath during a four hour siesta, after we hunted to till late afternoon.  Nevertheless, we hunted top quality animals in good condition.  The trophies of this year were exceptional.
We at Jakkalskuil Safaris support sustainable hunting.  We believe that if one can put a value on an animal, like to offer it to be hunted at a price, you will protect the game from poaching and over utilization and practice a proper veld management system.   Hunting helps the game farmer to manage the amount of animals in a herd so that there is enough natural pasture for them to survive on, during a less than normal rainfall period.  The plant population of the Karoo is very sensitive to overgrazing. 

A healthy plant population is the factory where one can produce top quality animals, sustainable.
 During 2023 we hosted hunters from the USA, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and several from Hungary. Trophy hunting is surely busy to pick up, specially of clients coming from Europe. 

We invite you to have a look at our pricelist for 2024. It is a very competitive list with several good buys to make. We proudly refer you to the trophy price of Sable, Oryx Scimitar, Bontebok and the Springbok slam to mention a few. At the package hunts you will find good value for money.

We hope to see a few of our old friends back during 2024 together with some first timers to explore the jewels of the Karoo.
We are dedicated to give you a superb Karoo experience in Africa and a most enjoyable safari.


Best regards

Kobus of the Karoo



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Designed and Maintained by Sanet Strydom - DesignDynamics