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News letter: February 2019
We all at Jakkalskuil safaris hope that all our friends and clients, worldwide, will experience a happy and healthy 2019.
We are thinking a lot of our great friend and trophy hunter of Pennsilvania that medical condition is not good. Mentally .  Bob hunted about 8 safaris in South Africa with me during which he hunted almost all the creatures and critters which we were leagelly allowed to. He also visited central Africa several times to hunt the Big Five.
Several hunting groups of central Europe and America visited Jakkalskuil during the season. With almost a 100% sucsess rate. Only one or two hunters couldnot get their Caracal. !!
The first hunters of the year turned up during the middle of March. Ference Kovacs brought his son, daughter and grandson on a family hunting safari. Another family that hunted with us was Mark Markegene and his son and grandson from the USA. He was accompany by his hunting buddy Dale Denisar that spends more time in Africa than at home. After their hunting safari , Dale went with me, my son and son-in-law for a Big game  safari but this time to the ocean. The first day we were early up and ready but the weather was too bad to went out on the ocean.

The second day the conditions was much better and soon Dale caught a big Yellofin Tuna that was to heavy to take a photo on board. We kept the fish and took lateron good photo’s on the quay. After some half an hour chaos broke out on board when Jacobus hooked a big Blue Marlin. He couldnot hold the fish back and after the fish tooks about 700 yards of line he starts to turn it around . Another hour and twenty minutes, with enough blisters on his hands, and the fish was next to the boat. Tiaan grabbed the bill while the skipper removed the lure and tag the fish.

Then the 400 pounder was set free to carry on with his life in the Indian ocean.  The rest of the trip the weather was uncomfortable and we played with Tuna, Dorado and Bonito’s not far from the coast.
Through out the season the hunting expeditions were visiting us regulary, each with it own challanges. The end of season was announce when a Slowak group depart during the mid of October. The usual farm activities started thereafter with the sheep starting to gave birth. We had a good lambing season.  During November the annualy shearing of the wool sheep tooks place
December and January were as hot as hell with no rain. Still a good rainy season in the Karoo means to us everything. February until May is the normal raining season and we are looking forward to it.
Politically this year is the election year properbly to announce to be during late May. As you knew polititians, the field is now open to make a lot of wild promises and statements and the normal sh@t.  Land owned by the white farmers is now the last obsticule for the mass to get their wealth that nobody else in Africa could get by pushing out the white people.

We are living in peace on Jakkalskuil with no crime in the area and we are going on with our daily activities like 50 years ago. The Karoo is to remote, the ultimate seasons  in combination with the drought, will keeps anybody out.

I am preparing to visit the FeHova in Budapestand will be in the booth of HuH safaris during the first week of February.
Your friend in Africa

Kobus of the Karoo



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