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Jakkalskuil Safaris News - December 2016
After a very busy year the most activities on Jakkalskuil comes to an end. The trackers and personnel of Jakkalskuil are on leave and we can hear in the evenings the dum dum dum music rolling over the Karoo plains as they are trying to motivate themselves for the coming up hunting season of 2017.  We are experience daily temperatures of 40 Celsius (104 F) so the owner and his family stays in the shade and in the swimming pool.

  The most of the game species are giving birth during November and December . We already saw some small Gemsbuck, Impala, and dozens of small Warthog following their moms with the tails upright. We spotted already 6 baby Bontebuck and it looks better than last season when the herd ram killed 6 out of the 10 newborn babies. During August one of our old clients from Kentucky, Karl Leukefeld and his lovely wife Sally, returned to the Karoo and he took care of the baby Bontebok murderer. So, that problem is solved.
The year of 2016 was the fourth year in a row of abnormal low rainfall.  It exposed us to great challenges to manage the pasture in such a way for all the animals to survive.   We sold a lot of sheep and did several cull and management hunts on Springbuck and other game.  During October Laszlo Hauser, our agent in Europe, visited us for a management hunt safari with 6 clients. They end up by culling more than 70 animals in 4 days.  Our summer raining season starts normally during the beginning of December and we hope to get some showers before Christmas day.

During April Ladislav Leczo visited us to hunt some nocturnal animals of which he got 6 different ones. Of the other trophies that he took were an Oryx Scimitar, a Lechwe and a Damara four horned sheep with unusual horns and a beautiful skin. He also successfully hunted a Red Hartebeest and a Gemsbuck with unusual horns but the Kudu with the unusual horns escaped and is still around.

The May madness was caused by the freaking favourable fearless Springbok hunter of the Great Karoo, Dale Denisar and his old hunting buddy, Mark Markegene.  Mark also brought his son Paul with.  They did several breath taking long range shots on Springbuck with their custom built rifles, specially made for long distance shooting.  Dale and Mark also brought a new dimension to crow hunting in the Karoo by shooting 26 of those birds during a short time by calling them in.  Dale will be back during 2017 to sort more of those crows out.  We lost during the spring lambing season for sheep 9 ewes and 12 lambs due to crow attacks.

During June a Dutch family visited Jakkalskuil for a Springbuck cull hunt. The father and his six sons hunted more than 50 animals.

My youngest daughter got married at the end of June so everybody moved down to the Western Cape for the event.   July, as normal, no hunting took place and we visited the northern parts of the Kruger Park for a very welcome holiday.  

During August our old friends Karl and Sally Leukefeld turned up. After Karl sorted the killer Bontebok ram, he hunted several other outstanding trophies like Sable, Lechwe , Kudu, Copper Springbuck and Impala. Karl and Sally are on their way back to the Karoo during 2017, but first they want to do a safari for Tiger fish on lake Cahorra Bassa in Mozambique and then fly south to visit the Karoo.

Bruce and Charlie Tustin hunted a beautiful Karoo Buffalo next to the Vanderkloofdam during September.  Bruce put an excellent shot with his 375 right on the shoulder of mr. Buff and made a one shot kill.  After the adrenaline disappeared he went on hunting during the rest of the week a beautiful Sable as well as an outstanding Copper Springbuck.
October can now be declared as “Hungarian month” for we were for the third year in a row during October the hosts of a group of hunters from Hungary. This time, our booking agent in Europe, Laszlo Hauser, brought a group of six hunters to the Karoo and they hunted a lot.  Laszlo himself hunted a record book Steenbuck and Mountain Reedbuck. The rest of the group caused that the taxidermist shop cannot close this year for a Christmas holiday.

November was the end of hunting season and we had our hands full by seeing that everything have fresh water and enough food to eat. The first baby of the season was a Gemsbuck calf that was born on the 15th. 

At the moment we see babies in the veldt all over as we are spreading out alfalfa to support the moms in milk production.

We wish all our clients and friends a Merry Christmas and a happy, successful and healthy 2017 .
Your friend in Africa
Kobus of the Karoo


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