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News Letter  August 2021

We all at Jakkalskuil Safaris hope that our friends and clients, worldwide, were not too much effected by the Covid-19 pandemic.   Our hearts go out to those who lost beloved ones to the virus and suffered heavy deprivation.

During the past year, two of our long time clients of the United States, Bob Spangler and Gary Sturts passed away.  Bob and Gary made several trips to Africa and the Karoo and we hunted together all over the country.  They will stay forever in our memories and their photos proudly on our website.
During 2020 the borders closed mid of March and stay closed for the full year. At the beginning of 2021 some airlines started to fly again and with the outcome of hunting clients slowly starts to turn up in Africa again.

During February we were the host of a new client from France who visited us with his wife and daughter after planning the trip for three years and has to postpone it twice.  Thierry P hunted a lot of interesting color variants that included Golden Wildebeest, Golden Oryx, Golden Springbuck, Yellow Blesbuck, Saddleback Impala to mention a few.  Then the Afrikaans speaking American, Izak N turns up for his annual safari with the highlight, not only the fantastic Eland that he hunted but that he did it while being accompanied by his 88 years old father!!  Since then we hosted some hunters from Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic.   Then the third wave of the Covid hit South Africa and we decide not to hunt during June and July.  We also cancelled all the cull hunts for biltong by South Africans during that period.

The last part of our season traditionally belong to the hunting clients from Hungary and central Europe.  Our friend Peter H is on his way with a few clients, during the end of August and his brother Laci with a cull hunt group during October. There are also some bookings in the pipeline and it looks like the trophy hunt is busy to pick up, specially from clients of Europe. 

The fact that we did not hunt any plains game during 2020, in combination with a good raining season, caused that the antelope bred very well and that the trophies got chance to grow bigger!
We invite you to have a look at our pricelist for 2022. It is a very competitive list with several good buys to make. We proudly refer you to the trophy price of Sable, Oryx Scimitar, Bontebok and the Springbok slam to mention a few. At the package hunts you will find good value for money.
We hope to see a few of our old friends back during the last part of 2021 and during 2022 together with some first timers to explore the jewels of the Karoo.
We are still dedicated to give you a superb Karoo experience in Africa and a most enjoyable time.
Best regards
Kobus of the Karoo




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